California Community Colleges
Study Abroad Opportunities

Community College study abroad opportunities exist in the form of short-term summer, winter/spring break, and semester-length courses that concentrate on foreign language instruction, as well as instruction in the humanities, arts, social sciences, natural history, and occupational fields. Most study abroad courses are acceptable for graduation and transfer credit.

In keeping with the community college "open door" philosophy, study abroad programs are open to all ages, aptitudes, and backgrounds without sacrificing academic standards.

Information about study abroad programs is available from local community colleges and on the following websites:

I. California Colleges for International Education(CCIE):

      a) CCIE California Community College Study Abroad Program Listings:

II. California Community Colleges Global Education Network:

For a listing of study abroad officials at each local community college, contact CCIE at

Memo of Understanding between University of California and California Community Colleges

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A. Solzhenitsyn