California Study Abroad Town Hall Meeting



Friday, May 5, 2017
8:00am - 4:00pm

Location: Carson (Los Angeles County), California
                at California State University at Dominguez Hills Campus

Co-Sponsored by:

  • California State University Systemwide Office of International Programs
  • University of California Systemwide Education Abroad Program
  • California Colleges for International Education
  • Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities
  • Region XII, NAFSA: Association of International Educators, Education Abroad Knowledge Community
  • Southern California Consortium for International Studies (SOCCIS)
  • Ascension Benefits & Insurance Solutions, Student Health
  • Terra Dotta Software
  • Cultural Insurance Services International, Inc.
  • Center for Global Education at California State University at Dominguez Hills


8:00 Check-in, Continental Breakfast, Informal Networking, Survey, Goal Worksheet

9:00 Welcome, Introductions, and Goal Setting at Tables and Report Back to Large Group

9:30 Current topics: Perceptions of the US from Abroad and Special Issues for US Campuses
      - Perceptions from New Zealand, France, and Dreamer Programming for Study Abroad

10:00 Table Discussions & Report Back to Larger Group

10:45 Break

11:00 Updates from Leadership at University of California Education Abroad Program, California State University International Programs, California Community Colleges & Independent & Private Colleges & Universities

11:30 Development of Task Force to Enhance Pipeline from Community Colleges to 4 Year Colleges and Universitites to Support Study Abroad Growth

11:45 Table Discussions & Report Back to Larger Group


1:00 Current Topics in Health, Safety, and Risk Management
      - Special Focus on Mental Health and Study Abroad

1:40 Innovative Ways Study Abroad Programs Can Collaborate with the US Peace Corps

2:00 Critical Advocacy Issues for Education Abroad: Updates and Next Steps

2:30 How IIE Generation Study Abroad and the U. S. Department of State's Gilman Program Can Support Study Abroad Growth

2:45 Announcements: NAFSA Region XII, Lessons From Abroad; Diversity Abroad; Collaboration During the NAFSA Conference in Los Angeles

3:00 Break

3:15 Breakout Sessions - Continuing the Conversations

  • Critical Advocacy Issues for Education Abroad
  • Perceptions of the US and implications for US Campuses
  • Health and Safety Issues
  • Study Abroad Pipeline Task Force
  • Educational Outcomes and Maximizing the Study Abroad Experience

4:00 Meeting concludes with Town Hall Open Discussion, Future Efforts, Next Steps, and Continuing Collaboration, NAFSA Los Angeles

International Educators Social Hour Following the End of the Town Hall Meeting

"Own what you can always carry with you; know languages, know countries, know people. Let your memory be your bag."

A. Solzhenitsyn